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"I offer clients fact-based and insightful case reviews and analysis, typically for cases associated with abuse/neglect in nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement housing. My ongoing consultative work enables me to stay current on prevailing industry practices and speak with confidence on reasonable expectations of care."
  • Recent hands-on experience managing nationally recognized nursing homes and/or multi-level senior
       care campuses. Administrator of facility to earn the Governor's Gold Seal for Excellence.

  • Cornell University, Master's in Health Care Administration.
"I am pleased to advise that we were able to successfully resolve the claim to our tremendous
satisfaction. I do not believe that we could have accomplished this result without your willingness to participate as an expert on behalf of our client."

Thompson Miller & Simpson, PLC

What our colleagues are saying about our service:
  • Court-appointed Patient Care Ombudsman.
  • Professional work includes managing several "back to compliance" programmatic turn-arounds and the opening of two, new Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing homes between 2005 and 2009.